These are some of our patient’s more unusual and different names, if you have any suggestions of your own please let us know and we will add them to our list!!!

Abby Abner Aggie Alex Angel
Annabelle Annie Appachie April Axel
Bailey Bandit Banjo Banshee Barney
Batman Baxter Bear Beasley Bernie
Bessie Bewford Biff Bigsby Bisquit
Bocephus Bogie Boomer Boomer Rang Bowser
Bozo Brandy Brat Brownie Brutus
Bud Bugger Bumper Butch Butler
Buttercup Casey Casper Charlie Charming
Chelsea Chewy Chico Cinnamon Cleo
Cobra Codie Cooby Cookie Cricket
Cuddles Cujo Cupcake Daisy Diddles
Dingaling Dogger Dolittle Dolly Dudley
Dusty Fluffy Friskey Gizmo Gypsy
Henneritta Hershey Holly Hooch Inky
Jessebelle Jessie Josey Katie Leon
Little Feet Logan Lola Lucy MacTavish
Maggie Marko Maverick Mazy Milo
Mittens Mitzi Mouse Mr. Magoo Mr. Munchkin
Nibbles Nick or Nicki Nosey Odie Oreo
Otis Pee To Pete Pitty Pat PollyAnna
Princess Puddys Red Rex Rhett
Ruben Rusty Sabastain Scarlet Scooter
Scrappy Screech Sheba Sinbad Skeeter
Smokey Smurff Sneaker Snickers Snoopy
Sonny Sponge Spook Sue Sunshine Sol
Sweet Pea Sylvester Tigger Toby Tootums
Toto Trouble Tubbs Turbo Tux
Weasle Willoby Willy Yoda Ziggy