We strongly recommend the application of FLUORIDE to the teeth of all pets when they require sedation for some other purpose. This procedure is offered to our clients at a very low fee because of our commitment to providing the highest quality life style for your pet.

Much has been learned in the last few years about the importance of preventive dental care in pets. It is a proven fact that you can add two years to the life of your pet simply by keeping the mouth clean and healthy. Veterinary dental knowledge has progressed to the point of performing root canals, capping teeth, and even braces but the cornerstone of a healthy pet is a clean mouth.

Two of the major causes of death in older pets are heart disease and kidney disease. We now know that many of the leaking heart valves and cases of renal (kidney) failure are a result of mouth infections that gain entrance to the blood stream through the gum line.

Pets do not get “cavities” to the same extent as humans, but rather do have a severe problem with “periodontal disease.” Periodontal disease is a group of problems involving the outside of the teeth and gums. It is one of the major concerns in human dentistry today.

The application of FLUORIDE to the teeth has been common practice in pediatric human dentistry for many years. It has greatly decreased dental disease in the children who have had fluoride applications. The fluoride gel bonds to the teeth offering an “invisible barrier.” It is a very cost-effective investment.

Amazingly, many pets will already have significant dental calculus present at 6 months of age. This accumulation is related to the acid content of the saliva. Since the salivary ducts empty beside the back cheek teeth, which is the location the fluoride can be applied. Our examination when your pet is presented will allow us to advise you if this is necessary

After application, we suggest you begin using C.E.T. Chews® daily as a “treat,” while at the same time helping prevent future problems.

Since your pet must be sedated for proper application, it becomes very cost-effective for you to have this done when some other procedure is performed. Therefore, you can essentially get two procedures done with the cost of one anesthesia.

Feel free to contact our hospital to inquire about the cost. The fee for this service is low, when compared to human dentistry, but we offer this service for your pet because we are truly concerned with providing a quality life style for your pet, help it live longer.