For this examination, your pet must be brought to the hospital in the morning and can usually be released to go home late in the afternoon.

For most patients, the complete examination initially includes the following:
• Physical and Neurological Examination.
• Ophthalmologic Examination.
• Blood Health Profile. Blood test including a complete blood count and a series of chemical test checking kidney and liver function, minerals, electrolytes, blood sugar, etc. (See HEALTH SCREENING for additional information)
• Thyroid Function Test (T4).
• Pancreatic Enzyme Levels (Amylase).
• Urinalysis.
• Electrocardiogram.
• Chest and Abdominal Survey Radiographs.
• Heartworm Testing.
• Fecal Examination for Internal Parasites.
• Feline Leukemia Testing (Cats Only).

For pets that have individual problems (arthritis, lameness, history of coughing, vomiting, etc.) other test may be needed. We will discuss all findings with you when all results have been evaluated.

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