Litter box training a hedgehog, rabbit, ferret, or any exotic pet is easy. For most of these exotic pets, simply placing an appropriate container with one to three inches of non-clumping litter in the cage is enough. Their natural instincts take over and suddenly the litter box is the only place they are eliminating. It can make cleaning the cage and controlling odor much easier.

If your exotic pet doesn’t seem interested at first, you can put just a couple small drops of ammonia in the litter. The smell attracts them and triggers the appropriate response.

An appropriate container is indestructible, water resistant, and won’t break, tear, splinter if chewed. Sturdy plastic storage containers work well and are easily cleaned. Be sure the container is large enough for your exotic pet to move around in and is cleaned at least every other day.

This information was provided by AAHA’s library.