imaging01Parkway Animal Hospital and Laser Center utilizes a wide range of digital image capture devices. The most recent addition is our 2nd generation full body digital x-ray system. Evolving from x-ray films to digital x-rays in 2007 was a tremendous diagnostic improvement for the doctors. The images captured from our 2nd generation system are even better! This results in better images and reduced overall x-ray exposure for the patient. In addition, the images can be manipulated by the doctors to aid in their diagnosis, shown to you on computer screens (including iPad) in the exam room or e-mailed to you, and forwarded to specialists for their opinion, if warranted. All of this is possible within minutes of taking the x-ray.

But, digital imaging doesn’t stop with full body x-ray. We use it in dental x-ray, ultrasound, and endoscopy. By doing so, we reap the benefits of detecting disease or injury often without the need for exploratory surgery. Being able to have a more complete diagnosis enables the veterinarian and you to make better informed decisions of the treatment options.

imaging02Imaging can be as simple as evaluating a pregnancy to determine the size of the expected litter to as critical as a cardiac work-up on a pet suffering from heart failure. It could be as small as a dental x-ray on a kitten to as large as a spinal x-ray of a Great Dane. Digital imaging is changing the way we care for patients. And, patients are living longer as a result.

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