dvm (33) We offer 3 tiers of bundled veterinary services to best align with your pet’s age and overall health. In addition, we offer a Puppy & Kitten Plan that is tailored to the pet’s first year of life.

Our Basic Care Plan is ideal for young healthy pets for the few years following the puppy/kitten stage. While this bundle has an annual focus, the services may be delivered over 2-3 office visits.

Our Care Plus Plan is ideal for the healthy pet during mid-life. This bundle has a semi-annual focus to enable detection of disease in early stages as it contains semi-annual wellness exams and diagnostic tests. Treatment options during early stages of disease are more easily managed and can minimize the impact of disease over the pet’s lifespan.

Our Premium Care Plan is ideal for the senior pet or younger diseased pets. This bundle has a semi-annual focus with enhanced diagnostics.

All plans, except the Basic Plan, include a number of medical concern exams. This is helpful when you sense something isn’t quite right with your pet. Rather than wait to see if symptoms become more visible, you can schedule an office visit to have the veterinarian determine if it’s an early health concern.

Our Preventive Care Plans save 17% – 41% of the cost if you were to purchase the services ala carte. Each plan represents the Standard of Care defined by the doctors at Parkway Animal Hospital for each age range.

And, we make available convenient payment options for those purchasing our Preventive Care Plans. In addition to pre-paying the annual cost, you may elect 0/30/60 day equal payments or monthly bank drafts ($49 enrollment fee and bank fees apply for monthly ACH drafts).

Our staff can assist you in making the Preventive Care Plan selection that makes the best sense for your pet and you.